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Couple offers quality repair experience at ’Bout Time Auto


Leonard and Anne Henry have proven that good opportunities can come out of a bad economy.

Coastal Point: Leonard and Anne Henry moved to the area from Silver Spring, MD and started up 'Bout Time Auto, located on Route 54 near Selbyville.Coastal Point
Leonard and Anne Henry moved to the area from Silver Spring, MD and started up 'Bout Time Auto, located on Route 54 near Selbyville.

When the sour market forced them to make some big decisions and consolidate, the Silver Spring, Md., couple chose to leave their automotive dealership jobs and open their own auto mechanic shop. They sold everything in May, moved to their Selbyville home, and opened ’Bout Time Auto in July.

But before they even had their business property on Route 54, the Henrys were working from their car, by making house calls.

“We hit the ground running,” said Anne Henry.

After years in a large dealership environment, the Henrys said they are excited to be independent because it means more personalized interaction with customers. Plus, they can offer lower prices for their experience than a dealership would.

The Henrys are ready to show people that “they’ll get their money’s worth” at ’Bout Time Auto. “You see what people spend [at other shops], and what they don’t get,” Leonard Henry said.

However, Anne Henry pointed out, “Because of our niche, we’re not competing with our neighbors. We take some of the stuff they won’t.”

’Bout Time Auto will service anything relating to the inner workings of the car – everything except bodywork and paint. Foreign or domestic, the Henrys will tackle cars ranging from a 1960’s Volkswagen Bug to a 2010 Porsche, and they aim to finish in one or two days.

“There’s no car we’re intimidated to work on,” said Leonard Henry.

Before this business venture, the Henrys were often so busy with their dealership jobs that there was no time for outside projects. Now that they have opened an independent shop, “Everyone’s like, ‘It’s about time!’” Anne Henry said with a laugh. Hence the name.

The Henrys have found the local community to be quite supportive. For years, people would request repair work while the couple were visiting in town. ’Bout Time Auto now serves a number of those original customers.

Having worked in “every dealership,” Leonard and Anne Henry have 25 years of combined experience in automotive work. He has been manufacturer-trained in at least eight car makes, which means dealerships sent him to the manufacturing company to learn how to officially service those vehicles. His experience is impressive: he has trained throughout the U.S. and  won two Mazda Master Championships; specialized in makes such as Audi, BMW, Lexus, Porsche, Saab, Volvo and VW; and had experience with nearly every other type of car.

Anne Henry graduated from Delaware Technical & Community College in 1999. As the official owner of ’Bout Time Auto, she is also manufacturer-trained in several makes, and she enjoys working on her own projects to fix up old cars.

“We’re a mechanical family,” Leonard Henry noted.

“We’re nerds,” Anne Henry explained with a laugh.

The shop is a single large warehouse space, which the Henrys like to keep comfortably tidy. In the front, customers can relax in armchairs — or a massage chair — and can actually watch the car repair process in the back of the shop.

“That’s the beauty of being here,” said Anne Henry. “You can hang out and ask questions.”

Although ’Bout Time Auto just opened this summer, the Henrys are making big plans for the future. “We have had a lot of help, and we don’t forget it,” Anne Henry remarked. “We’d love to give back.”

They are considering offering maintenance information sessions for customers who want to learn more about taking care of their cars. Anne Henry is also a veterinary technician, so they want to eventually send a portion of their revenue to animal rescues and other charities. They are also interested in green technology, such as solar power and recycling used coolant.

“We have a lot of ideas. We just have to get through the winter,” Leonard Henry explained.

’Bout Time Auto located at 32971 Lighthouse Road in Selbyville. Hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. The Henrys may also accommodate for unique situations, such as house calls, pickup or delivery. For more information, visit bouttimeauto.com or call 302-988-8226


Rating: 5 stars (5 stars)
Text: "A good doctor, a good dentist and a GREAT Mechanic(s), and life is good. We like them, we trust them and they take care of us. I don't worry any more about our car being serviced properly, and since Leo and Ann told me I can bring a new car to them to have the warranty maintenance done by them instead of going to the dealer, we are now looking for a new car. Larry and Susan Formicola "
From: LarryFormicola of Selbyville, DE on June 21, 2013

Kim FountainRatingReview posted on

Oct 21, 2016

Great service honest and friendly people with fair prices

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5.0 star rating


I just left there and had my oil changed--Leo went over the car thoroughly and gave me peace of mind before my trip back to pa on Thursday--very reasonable and I will definitely be coming back and recommending to all my friends--thank you so much for the great service!!

Jay SotoRatingReview posted on

Feb 24, 2017

Honest, professional, & quality service! I've been coming for years!


Rating: 5 stars (5 stars)
Text: "I have never seen where a company has received 5 stars from every customer. This company definitly deserves them all. Service, price, and knowledge exceeds any auto shop I have been too and there have been many. Once you use their service I guarantee you will not go anywhere else.Joan"
From: Felines of Frankford, DE on April 26, 2013


Rating: 5 stars (5 stars)
Text: "Very professional and talented. I completely trust this couple to work on my cars. It is so wonderful to have people that live right down the street that I know will do an excellent job for a fair price. We wouldn't trust anyone else to work on our cars!"
From: Stephanie Wicke of Selbyville, DE on March 12, 2011


Rating: 5 stars (5 stars)
Text: "i was on my way to florida for the winter and found out my car wouldnt start on the day i was leaving not only did bout time replace my battery right away but also found that my alternator wasnt charging thank you for being so detailed and saving me from a posible tow bill."
From: mark of Selbyville, DE on November 09, 2010


Rating: 5 stars (5 stars)
Text: "Anne and Leo are expert mechanics and friendly merchants. They are very quick to quote and turn around their work. I know many happy customers of theirs who are friends of ours."
From:  Selbyville, DE on October 18, 2010


Rating: 5 stars (5 stars)
Text: "A big thanks to bout time auto for hiring our company! No better people to deal with than Leo and Anne! bout time auto will be handling all of my companys auto needs!!"
From:  Clarksburg, MD on October 07, 2010


Rating: 5 stars (5 stars)
Text: "i have an 02 porsche boxster that supposedly needed an engine, i heard about Leo's shop and expertise, called him with the symptoms and he arranged a tow because he was pretty sure it was misdiagnosed.Well he was right! He saved me thousands of dollars!! I would recommend him highly, my boxster is in his hands only!"
From:   Rockville, MD on September 29, 2010


Rating: 5 stars (5 stars)
Text: "bout time auto is a great little shop they treated me well and did a great job fixing my car thanks again"
From:  Selbyville, DE on September 29, 2010


Rating: 5 stars (5 stars)
Text: "I needed some quick work done on my 09 Chevy Suburban and found about a new service shop in Fenwick Island, DE. I called them up and they had me come in immediately. They called ahead and had the parts I needed ordered so I didn't have to wait! I was very impressed with how neat, clean and orderly their shop was. Both Ann and Leonard were very helpful and they got the job done quickly. I would highly recommend them!"
From:  Malvern, PA on September 28, 2010


Rating: 5 stars (5 stars)
Text: "Great service! nice people with great knowledge and very reliable."
From: Frank of Emmitsburg, MD on September 03, 2010


Rating: 5 stars (5 stars)
Text: "This shop is the best that has come to this town in a looong time!! Where else will you find this caliber of a mechanic in this area? Nowhere!!! Thank you Leo and Anne for taking care of all of my automotive needs!!!! Highly recomended to all of my family and friends!!!"
From:   Selbyville, DE on September 02, 2010


Rating: 5 stars (5 stars)
Text: "Great Service. I own an Audi and a Porsche and am in the in fenwick on a regular basis and love the fact that this shop is available. Have had both cars serviced their and feel very comfortable with the service I received. Would recommend them to anyone with a car in this area. The knowledge of the techs here is very extensive and the care that is taken in the work they do is top notch."
From: Walter H. on September 02, 2010


great service great price and car was on…

great service great price and car was on time